We Believe in Making a Difference

Since 2011, Good Work(s) Make a Difference has pledged 25% of its net profits to charitable contributions supporting in-need communities around the world.

Established in 2011, Good Work(s) Make a Difference® has been determined to deliver the most fashion-forward, uplifting, and inspirational bracelets and accessories. 

We contribute 25% of net proceeds to charitable organizations in order to make a meaningful impact for our neighbors, communities, and lives.

Proceeds will help support after school programs for 28,000 underprivileged students in the United States, build elementary schools in Kenya and Tanzania, and sponsor 200,000 salad bowls for The Dream Center.

Check out the annual campaigns we've been able to work on and accomplish with the help of our supporters, fans, and friends!


Our Good Work(s) Mission